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Mrs. Ruck's Second Grade Class

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Changes for Ms. Patterson

I am thrilled to announce that over the past few months I have had many positive changes!

In the month of May I married the love of my life and we had a beautiful Marine Corps Wedding on a ranch in Alachua, Florida.  Ms. Patterson is now Mrs. Ruck!

Then, I moved to PENSACOLA into our cute little home.

Shortly after moving in, we rescued a pup from the Humane Society and he has become our little baby. We named him Gunny (inspired by the many Gunnery Sergeants that influenced my hubby's career).

And lastly, becoming an East Milton Elementary Roadrunner!  I'm teaching Second Grade again so stay tuned for a blog makeover!  Saying goodbye to my Terwilliger family was extremely sad but I am so excited about this new chapter.  Goodbye Patterson's Partners and hello Ruck's Rodeo!

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