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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Nothing gets me more excited than "Meet the Teacher Day!"  The thrill of finally finishing the initial set up of the classroom to meet each eager student that walks into the door is something that I look forward to each year.  Last year, I tried to bump it up a notch since I had two years of experience under my belt.  

As parents and little cowboys and cowgirls entered the room I directed them towards a desk loaded with goodies.  Among my favorites were the Back to School Magic Confetti and the nifty little welcome packet that I modified for parents to take home.  The parent envelope contained a classroom brochure (which listed every ounce of class info), second grade expectations, our schedule, a letter from yours truly, and a breakdown of what their child would be learning throughout the year.  

Any additional papers that needed to be completed and returned were also included.  I have to say thanks to Cara Carroll for sharing this idea because it was definitely a huge hit.  Instead of sending parents out the door with tons of different colored papers falling out of their hands, I was able to take more time with introductions rather than "fill this out...and put this here...and don't forget this too!"

Welcome to Second Grade!

Information table 

I was so excited to show off our classroom Blog as parents took a seat and browsed
through the previous class' pictures!

Smartboard Greeting...Howdy Partners!

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