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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kagan Mix-Pair-Share

Hi friends!  Up next is another goodie that I found on Pinterest to practice our weekly reading skill, problem and solution.  Click here to get your FREE copy from Ashley's store on TPT.

Since I'm quite obsessed with Kagan strategies I thought that this would be so perfect as a Mix-Pair-Share.  The beauty of Kagan is that you teach the strategy once and can use it for any lesson/subject after that.  I'm a huge fan and have included the steps from Mrs. Rio's blog.

I've used Mix-Pair-Share for years and the children LOVE it because they get the opportunity to get out of their seat to learn.  It also entails music and communication, which seems to always put everyone in the best of moods (especially those Chatty Kathys!)

Check out the lost shoe!  I guess he was having too much fun to notice!
In this specific lesson, I had already introduced how to identify a problem/solution in a story on the previous day.  So we took it to the next level by applying this skill to our own lives.  If you notice in the handout, the students might be given a problem such as: the music is too loud during assembly.  They would then mix around the room to the music (or dance) and find a partner when the music stops.  The next step is to talk to their partner about the different solutions for that particular problem and record it in the blank box.  A particular response may have been: cover my ears with my hands.

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