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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Meet the Scientist

During the first week of school, I gave each student a science notebook to record their observations, experiments, and take notes throughout the first nine weeks.  We began by doing this cute activity called, "Meet the Scientist."  I never realized how much they would love was the cutest thing ever!

First, I began a discussion with the kiddos about scientists.  They responded by telling me what kind of experiments they did, their appearance, and how smart they had to be.  Next, I got really excited and explained that they were about to meet a scientist in our classroom.  However, this scientist was in a box and had to be kept a secret until everyone was done meeting him/her.  Their faces immediately lit up and I heard lots of giggles as they wondered how a real scientist could be in a small box.  I was pleasantly surprised that the children did such a great job waiting patiently for their turn and keeping it a secret until everyone had a peek into the mystery of the red box.
As I called their names one by one, they each stepped up to the box, lifted the lid and looked inside to discover that their face was inside.  They were the scientist (thanks to my handy dandy mirror that was placed at the bottom).  

The whole point of the activity was to teach them that anyone could be a scientist and that they in fact, would be a scientist all year as they asked questions, made predictions, and conducted various experiments.  So often, children have a misconception that only adults can be scientists, mathematicians, authors, illustrators etc. In the end, this introduction clearly expressed otherwise. 

Taking a peek!

Drawing the Scientist in their notebooks.

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