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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Promoting Fluency with QuickVoice

This week we discovered how to use QuickVoice to record our fluency times and I have to say that my students loved it!  Let's face it, reading the same passage everyday each week on a piece of paper with a finger and a timer can become pretty mundane and flat out bbboorrrinnnngg (insert snoring sound here).  But, with our snazzy little iPads, we no longer face that problem. 

Here is how it works:
1.  In our iPad literacy workstation there may be two to three students at a table.  As the first student begins the others put on their headphones and quietly use another reading App as they wait.  May I suggest, that you also might want to letter or number the iPad so that there is no confusion on who gets to go first.

2. Student A will then select the QuickVoice App and turn the iPad so that the microphone (built within) is facing them.

3.  The student will then push the record button and begin reading the selected passage.  Once they are finished reading they will push the stop button.

4.  Next, Student A will save their recording AND time.  While they put on their headphones to listen Student B can begin steps 1-3 and repeat thereafter with the next.

This is where the magic happens because as the child plays back the recording their face lights up with excitement in disbelief that they are actually hearing their voice on the other end.  Some even giggle quietly and turn red (so precious).  Listening to the playback also allows the child to self analyze their reading by pin-pointing specific errors that were made throughout. 

The best part is this, in that QuickVoice stimulates a bit of their competitive nature.  Once they have saved the first recording and viewed the previous others that are kept on file, they want to do it again and beat their time (along with every other student saved on that specific iPad).  Below, you will notice two of my students congratulating themselves after beating their first fluency time by a long shot!

Voila!  A simple way to add fun to fluency practice!

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